I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a sister, friend, counselor and lecturer. In 2014, my husband and I experienced multiple miscarriages before eventually welcoming our daughter in 2015 and son in 2016. Things around our house can get pretty crazy with two toddlers, but we love our life. I have always loved writing but struggled with finding my audience until I realized that writing was its own audience. The paper and pen are my cheering squad, the computer screen my biggest fan.

Natasha Carlow

Mike Nero’s Superhero School is my newest book for children.

Can I tell you something about this school? You see, this isn’t a regular school. This is a superhero school. First days can be tough, especially for someone as shy as Mikey, but Mikey’s new school is a little different. On his first day, he meets his principal and some incredible children who help him discover his own superpower within and he learns that no matter what we may look like on the outside, everyone has something that makes them valuable. Can Mikey learn to use his newfound superpower to make his school a better place for all students?

happy tears and rainbow babies

Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies is my first children’s book. Originally written as a love letter to my children, it grew into a book about rainbow babies and what makes them special. Follow Rosie and Capi as they discover all about how their family came to be.